Hi! Welcome to my blog and about me page!

First of all, let me introduce myself briefly, my name is Kevin, born 17th of July 1994. I’m currently a college student, majoring in accounting. My hobbies are gaming and cooking. Right now, I’m living with my aunties because my college is in Malang, and I’m from Surabaya, so for temporary I stayed with my aunties. My main language is Bahasa Indonesia, and I can speak English a little, but a little bit rusty since I don’t have someone to talk to in English.

Enough about me, and now it’s time for about my blog!

First, about the origin of my blog. I created this blog because I feel the need to improve my writing skill, and also to sharpen my English. I feel the need because I’m on my 6th semester of my college (In my country, the ideal or normal length of obtaining a bachelor degree is around 8 semester, so I’m kinda in the 3/4 way to my bachelor degree) and I’m getting started on my research so that I can graduate earlier, I hope. With that in mind, I consulted to one of my lecturer and he suggested to me that blogging is one way to improve my writing skill. After that, I did some surfing and found that blogging can actually be very useful to my life and so, I decided to start this blog!

About what I will or might post in this blog mainly will circle around my personal life, and I’m kinda an open book right now, and I’m trying to follow the Blogging University by the Daily Post. It’s actually pretty helpful, though I still find it hard to discipline myself to blog everyday. Some things to be expected out of my life is about my gaming experience, my college life, assignments, cooking, culinary and maybe some of my personal thoughts.

That’s it for about me, and I’m going to update it after I found the core soul of my blog after I learned more thing about blogging. Cheers!


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