Why I Hate Sweeping the Floor

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Those Dishes Won’t Do Themselves.”

So, as the title said, the chore that I hate is sweeping the floor. The main reason is because of my parents. Not that I hate to do chores because I’m lazy, it’s because whenever I sweep the floor, my parents always bug me about the result, even when it’s not finished.

For example, when I’m sweeping under the chair and my parents sees me doing it, they always pointing some spot that they think hasn’t been swept yet. In fact, I already swept it! Oh how I hate it! It’s feels like there’s no way that I could sweep the floor in the right way. I don’t know how to please them in terms of sweeping the floor. Now, every time they asked me to sweep the floor, I refused and points that my work is never appreciated. The result, is that now they won’t ask me to do any chores, except cleaning the dishes, since I’m actually good at it.


My Passion

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Today, after class, I go with my friends to one of our lecturer’s house. We go there to consult about some course in my class. But, I only accompany them. While discussing some topics, we got out of track a little bit and he shared to us about some of his ex-students’s experiences. In short, he told us to focus on our passion. Even if our major right now isn’t our passion we must think that our major right now is to support our passion. Luckily, our major is accounting, so it absolutely can help us to earn money or work based on our passion or hobby.

The thing that troubles me is that he got me thinking really deep about my passion. Come to think of it, currently I don’t have any passion. Recently I just killed my last passion, gaming. Why? Because my parents told me to grow up and prepare to work. The thing is, my parent told me that if I’m still gaming like I used to, I won’t work properly. So, i killed my passion and now I’m passionless. Well, Shit isn’t it? Now I’m confused as hell and starting to rethinking about my life.