My First (rebooted) Post

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So, I’ve decided to join the Blogging 101 Course from The Daily Post. Actually, I’ve started the course right when I started my blog, but since they mentioned that the Blogging 101 will be started again on June, so I decided to follow it so that I can get a hold with the Community of new bloggers like myself.

So, in the first task, I was told to write a post about who am I and why I’m here. I already made it around a month ago, but it’s in Bahasa Indonesia, my native language, so I will do this again, but this time on English, because after blogging for a while, I’ve decided to use English on my blog to sharpen my English skill, especially on writing.

My main reason why I started to blog is that I wanted to improve my writing skill, since I’m on my 6th semester. Oh yea, I’m currently studying to obtain my undergraduate title on accounting. Also, the reason why I’m blogging publicly, instead of writing a personal journal is because the most effective way to improve my writing skill is to publish something and people can asses my post so that I can get a feedback. It’s kinda of absurd to expect my writing skill to improve when the only one who can asses my writings is myself.

Some topics that I will post on this blog mainly are about my personal experience that I wanted to tell to people. Also, some things related to my hobbies, which is cooking, eating, and gaming. One more thing, I will also post things related to the Blogging 101, since I’m currently following this course.

By the end of the year, I hope that my writing skill improved. To be more precise, I hope that by the end of the year I already have the discipline to blog at least three times a week, or every working days plus some summary post about my holidays or events on my weekends. Also, I hope that by the end of the year, my English has improved by being able to communicate in English on all of my blog post.

That’s it for today’s first post.


Crusaders Quest, My Current Favorite Mobile Game on My Android

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As the title said, my current favorite mobile game is Crusaders Quest.

Why I like it? Well, it got my attention from it’s cute-sy and epic 16bit graphic. After it got my attention I got hooked from its gameplay. I liked the animation of the skills, be it blocks or special skills. For example, Leon’s signature Special Skill, Call of Holy Sword, which passive summons the ultimate Holy Sword, a big, badass, stronger holy sword.

Btw, here’s a screenshot form the front face of the game on my phone.

My front in-game screen
My front in-game screen

as you can see, my in-game name is zhongtai, you can add me as your friend, especially if you play it on android too. I recommend anyone to try this game, the system is quite simple but a little challenging and it has a easy learning curve. Also, the community is quite alive on facebook and reddit. in facebook you can search for the Crusaders Quest Official Group and in reddit you can go to /r/crusadersquest.

From the reddit page you can search for useful links to learn about things you need to know about Crusaders Quest.